About Us

Since 1963, Southwestern Business Forms is a business printer in Phoenix that has provided commercial printing services and expertise to large and small businesses across Arizona and the southwestern United States. Southwestern Business Forms is a 50-year-old Arizona printing company composed of skilled, seasoned print professionals with a strong and reliable work ethic. Our family-oriented atmosphere stems from a long history of printing experience, professionalism, respect, and a hands-on approach to customer service.

Southwestern Business Forms was started in 1963, primarily as a business forms manufacturer. It became apparent that our customers' needs were greater than just forms. It was necessary that we evolve into a full service printing and graphic arts facilitation company. Our focus today is not solely on business forms manufacturing, but rather to get our customers whatever they require within the full spectrum of the business printing field. Our employees have decades of experience with Fred, our oldest employee, at age 89 with 72 years of experience.

Fred Handy

As a young boy growing up in California during the Depression, Fred was introduced to the printing industry at a very early age. Fred's uncle, who lived with his family at the time, went to work everyday at his print shop. Inspired by his uncle and his uncle's ability to be able to work during very hard times, Fred knew he wanted to follow in his uncle's footsteps.

Back then, high schools offered print shop as a class. Fred enrolled in print shop, and while he was on summer vacation during high school, Fred began working at House of Hartman, a typesetting house in Los Angeles. He worked as a linotypist, setting newspapers and old movie credits by hand, one letter at a time.

Over the years, Fred worked with several leading print manufacturers.

Today, at age 89, Fred continues to work at Southwestern Business Forms, and we often turn to him for his sage advice, knowledge, and guidance. Fred is the cornerstone of the business, and his principles and morals both as a professional and a person are carried throughout the company.

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Fred Handy, Phoenix Business Printer